The Wizards are a group of four magical men who are found in the back room of the Drunken Druid. They have just arrived in the village of Fleur de Lys and are disguised as yokels, despite having very feeble accents. It turns out they are on a secret mission for the Magic Circle to find a staff once belonging to the late Nafflin the Necromancer. They have been looking for it for three months, but one of them broke their magical detector by getting it wet.

Calypso, who the wizards came to the tavern to meet, tells Simon to ask these wizards to make him one. When Simon meets them they are playing a game that they got from a 'short man with strange eyes' that had a wok and was always talking about Confucious (the game is presumably Mahjong). They are playing as the different winds, and the game seems to involve chows, pongs, kongs, and concealed green dragons. However they pretend it is a crop rotation game to Simon. They tell him that he is too young to be a wizard, but after some persuasion tell him that every wizard must perform a duty to the Circle before initiation, and his task is to find the staff for them.

When Simon returns with the staff, the wizards tell him that he needs to pay the subscription fee to become a wizard (30 gold pieces for junior members). Simon pays them with unmarked gold coins stolen from the dragon. They then use the powers vested in them to make him a wizard (unfortunately for Simon there is no ceremony involving orgies, banners and ice cream), and give him a wizard's starter pack. This contains a complementary staff, a WizKid club member badge, a WizKid quill, WizKid scroll notepaper, WizKid multi ingredient starter kit, a WizKid membership card, the first issue of WizKid magazine (published quarterly) and other freebies all held in a WizKid wallet (which Simon refuses to open). The Wizards then express their desire to leave the village now they have collected the staff for the circle.